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New Body Hair Removal Cream for Men and Women

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Hair removal spray, the easiest method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Suitable for men and women, it gives you the freedom to just spray and wipe unwanted hair away!

While waxing and pluchking are a painful hair removal process, shaving does not last longer. Moreover, laser reduction is not easy to afford for everyone. Now in the market, hair removal spray are easy to use, easily affordable and efficient.

Our Kingyes hair removal spray is a hot hair removal spray for southeast Asia, Central Asia, easy and quick hair removal at home.

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New Body Hair Removal Cream for Men and Women

Item Name

Hair removal spray
Usage Remove hair at home
Capacity 98ml aluminum bottle or custom
Form Spray bubble
Logo Private label is available
MOQ 10000pcs for OEM, 3000pcs for exist brand
Benefits •  Aseptic packaging


•  Easy to operate


•  Gentle and delicate


•  No unpleasant smell

Product Features

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Just spray on this hair remover spray and let it go to work removing hair below the skin’s surface. Infused with gentle ingredients, this body hair removal spray gives your skin and your senses the nourishment they crave. It’s the touch-free way to touchable skin. Kingyes painless hair removal spray can be used on the legs, arms, underarms, but it is not formulated for use on the face.

1. Aseptic packaging of aerosol

2. The formula is mild, non-irritating and does not hurt the skin

3. No bad smell,

4. Simple operation and short time, you can easily remove hair at home

5. Hair removal is clean and painless

At Home Use Body Hair Removal Cream Spray-5


1. Shake product well before using

2. Spray evenly on the area requiring hair removal

3. Wait 8 to 10 minutes

4. Using a cloth or paper towel, wipe it from the bottom to the top to visibly remove the hair

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