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6PCS Round Hair Brush Set, Detachable Comb Barrels Blow Drying Barrel Hairbrush Curling Tool Set Round Thermal Brush Curling Brush Hairclips for Blowouts and Hairstyling

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SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR: whether you are a man or a woman, an adult or a child, whether long, short, thick, sparse or straight, the BOMEIYI hairbrush can work well. Craftsmanship and practical functions make it a perfect gift for your loved one.

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●Perfect Styling Kit: Ours is a perfect 6pcs hair styling kit that can dry quickly and easily. The wide-tooth comb can gently the hair without breaking the hair, and the hair clip can hold the hair in place without damaging the haira more cost-effective choice for you to do hair styling with salon style results.

●Nylon comb teeth: High-strength nylon material is used as comb teeth, combing the hair will not harm the hair. Different types of combs can easily comb different lengths of hair and create various hairstyles easilythe curly hair brush features heat-resistant nylon bristle that works best for detangling and straightening thick or thin ,curly or damaged hair for women or kids.

●Anti-slip design: with anti-slip handle, ergonomic design, more comfortable to hold, and equipped with anti-slip pattern, not easy to slip off, soft hand feeling, suitable for home and salon

●Non-static technology: The negative ion technology can release negative ions during use to neutralize and reduce the positive ions that cause static electricity, thereby reducing the surface tension of the hair and making the hair shiny and supple

●Detachable Heads: Our set of cylindrical curling comb has 6 replaceable curling heads, which can be used to create a variety of hair styles for different lengths of hair and hair styles. The detachable design is more convenient and convenient

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