Knowledge of makeup spray

1. How long can setting spray hold makeup 
The makeup setting time of the makeup setting spray is about 3-10 hours, and the indoor makeup holding time is about 7 hours. Because it is easy to sweat outdoors, the makeup setting spray should be used every 3 hours.
2. When to use makeup setting spray waterproof 

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Makeup before use.
Makeup spray can be used in makeup, usually after the base makeup is painted. Its effect is similar to loose powder and powder, which can play the role of makeup, but the specific choice of powder or powder spray depends on personal preference.
After makeup. 

After makeup, makeup spray can be used to fix makeup and can also be used to solve the problem of floating powder. However, pay attention to the makeup. After spraying makeup spray, it is best to wrap the powder puff with a paper towel, and take away the floating powder to make the makeup more transparent, otherwise the face is easy to leave powder marks.

3. How to use makeup fixing spray 
Before touching your makeup, blot it with oil-absorbing paper, then set it with a setting spray, and finally set it with a setting powder.
Note that in addition to the two methods before and after makeup, it is not recommended to spray the makeup at any time, because it will feel dry and take away moisture from the skin.

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Post time: Nov-24-2022