Use of disposable hair color spray

Christmas is still a month away. Do you want to be really glamorous on Christmas Day?
What color hair do you choose for your friend's birthday Party? Don't worry anymore, disposable hair color spray to solve your trouble! Give you the ideal temporary hair color spray, let you become the center of attention.

2. Wedding style
You only get married once in your life. If you want to keep the beautiful moment, the hair stylist will give you various shapes. At this time, one-time hair color  spray is indispensable, and various colors give you the ideal hair color and freeze the beautiful moment.


3. Shopping dates
It's not just your hair that's important on a date, it's also your hair color. A disposable spray will give you your ideal hair color and make you feel more confident when you're traveling and shopping.

How to wash disposable hair color spray compressor?
Disposable hair color spray is actually very good to clean, shampoo wash once, clean water 2 times is ok, use cleaning is very convenient, and there are a variety of touch up hair color spray to choose, how to dye how to dye, compared with hair salon hair dye cost is too high! Experience different hair colors anytime, anywhere.

Does disposable hair spray fade?
After spray of one time dye hair is sprayed evenly dry, want not to touch water only, won't fade easily.
Even if the color runs on clothes and pillows, it is washable hair spray color and easy to wash.Is single-use hair color spray safe?


When it comes to safety, single-use spray is only applied to the hair, leaving the scalp untouched.

Post time: Nov-24-2022