New product —-glitter spray for hair and body

Today I'm going to introduce our new product glitter spray, which you can use on your hair and you can use on your body。

Makes you look sparkling when you go out.

1.Using glitter spray hair and body on your chest when wearing a low-cut dress can greatly increase your sexiness and give your body an irresistible allure, and it can be used for any business gathering, party or nightclub.

2.When wearing backless clothes, you can sweep on the shoulders, and the glitter is used to modify the function. For example, the elbow can be used in the roughest part of the whole arm. The glitter is not easy to be too much.. For backless clothing, use shimmer spray on your shoulders and embellish the function with sequins. For example, the elbow can be used on the roughest part of the entire arm.

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3.Glitter spray can also be used on hair!
It is very convenient to apply shimmer spray directly to your hair. When the glitter is applied, in addition to creating a silky shine, the delicate texture will effectively increase the volume of your hair.


Put the clothes in a basin with bleach, put some detergent and alcohol in it, mix well, let it soak for half an hour, then wash it off."

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How do I put glitter on my face?

When applying glitter, use light pressure. If you apply too much, it's easy to get dirty. In addition, although glitter has the effect of modification, but it is best not to apply during the day, especially in the case of light makeup, easy to appear particularly exaggerated makeup. Sequins are still good at night. In addition to enhancing makeup, it also improves the shape of the face.

Post time: Mar-04-2023