Glitter Spray Hair and Body

Step 1: Use
Glitter spray is used mainly on hair and body areas as well as clothing to make you look more shiny.
2. Does shimmer harm your skin?
No harm to the skin, it has a safety certificate issued by the safety agency, in line with the safe use of human body.
3. Scene — Wedding bride
Most brides will use body spray with glitter because on the wedding day the bride will look very shiny, so they need to use body shimmer  makeup, it’s a huge project, but it’s very convenient to use this spray, it saves a lot of time, it’s very absorbent, you don’t have to worry about getting rubbed off, it’s very easy to wash, you can just use a body wash.
4. How to deal with glitter on face after removing makeup?
The glitter has pearlescent powder in it, so the look is shiny. If you find glitter on your skin after removing makeup, you should remove makeup twice. Use makeup remover and oil to remove makeup. Makeup oil has a good dissolving effect on stubborn cosmetics. With the help of makeup remover, glitter will be cleaned even more thoroughly. After removing makeup, it is recommended to use a cleanser to clean the whole face.

Post time: Feb-24-2023