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Cosmetics Spray Makeup Products Waterproof Setting Spray

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This is a moisturizing makeup spray containing nicotinamide. It can make our makeup longer lasting.

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Waterproof Makeup Setting Spray

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Face makeup setting spray
Usage Before or after makeup
Capacity 150ml aluminum bottle
Form Spray
Logo Private label is available
MOQ 10000pcs for OEM, 3000pcs for exist brand
  1. Its function is fixing Makeup, used after all makeup completed.
  2. Mists & Fix Setting Spray.
  3. This light & comfortable mist seals makeup and keep sit in place by coating the skin with a weightless and invisible film.
  4. The mist provides a continuous protection for the makeup and skin against external attacks.
  5. With atomizing nozzle, the spray is fine and smooth, 180 degrees all around covering every inch of skin.

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Product Functions

1. Nearly 90° fully covered with fine mist, even and thin, touching every inch of face

2. Long-lasting makeup holding, mask wearing is not afraid of rubbing, fast film forming, not easy to take off makeup

3. Nicotinamide ingredients, moisturizing oil control, prevent oil out of makeup

4. Apply to any skin

5. We can use makeup setting spray before and after makeup.

A. When we spray before makeup, the containing sodium hyaluronate can help to replenish water and reduce oil secretion, balance water and oil, as well as the nicotinamide accelerate collagen synthesis to reduce excessive melanin deposition caused by low oil content and thin cuticle.

B. When we spray setting spray after finished makeup, the combination of water mist and ingredients forms a film after the water mist dries, which can hold the effect and firm the makeup, and improve the makeup retention time.

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1. Apply before or after applying makeup

2. Shake for 5 seconds before using

3. Keep 15-20cm away from your face and press the nozzle to spray evenly over your face.

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